How I heal animals naturally part 1

Around the world, clients send me pictures of their animal’s from France, Australia, San Francisco and the UK. I like to have a full-body picture if possible. For me this allows me to colour scan the body and tune into the energy of the animal. People often stop me in the street when I’m wearing my animal healing or equine healing t-shirts and ask what is animal healing.

Animal healing waiting list

So what is it that I do. If I’m honest, I don’t actually know what it is I do or how it works. I just know and from the hundreds of testimonials around the world from happy clients, it works. Over the years I have done cause of death on 2 rabitts in Australia, This I did as the lady who contacted me had a large ranch and many other animals and was worried to death about losing all of them. The two rabbits I tuned into, one died of kidney failure which they had had all there life, it just work up one day and the other had a heart attack within 15 mins of the first one dieing. This was all very new to me and out of my comfort zone. It  was really just me doubting my skill and lacking confidence at the time, what i didn’t realise at the time, was how many animals and how  large this ladies ranch was.

Only after I had given my findings, did she tell me that she had taken them to the vets for autopsy on both of them, the findings from this were what I had told her. She remains I close friend and has recommended me to other people. 

For me animal healing is a combination of neuroscience, chakra balancing and energy transference. Most people understand when they have children that they know something is wrong with the child, they get a gut feeling. I try and explain that its the same when you have animals, you love them so much they become family. I know when i lost my own 2 cats I never cried so much, they were my life and everything to me.

I see this when working with equine, mainly owned by females, who talk to their horses all day while they groom them then when riding them, so much 1-2-1 time. Animals listen all the time and are so sensitive to what the owners are feeling and saying. The owners are shocked when their horse tells me that they have been raped, they say to me, that they haven’t told anyone one else about that terrible thing. It becomes a blockage for the horse, the horse starts to get I’ll and the owners then get in touch with me.

Part 2 to follow on #animalhealing in #Bristol and #worldwide. also currently work with the RDA in Hertfordshire.

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