The interesting world of body language

I have always been interested in human behaviour and psychology, I studied a lot of Desmond Morris work about animals and humans, people-watching is a big book and very interesting.  For many years I was in management so the psychology of my customers and training staff was always fun and my stores always did very well.

Human behaviour

The behaviour will show you when you go into a store people will turn right and follow the path the store wants you to follow. Never go shopping when your hungry as you buy more than you can eat and the time you return home or to your work desk, you won’t be hung.

The 20 minute rule

The hunger will last 20 minutes. Even if you don’t eat anything in that time period. Your body will tell you you are full. Amazing

When you shop, the store knows your pick the items in the middle of the shelves top to bottom. You be in automatic mode, your arm will reach out and grab the middle item stock if you stop to notice this just before you grab the item. Stop and blink your eyes, your eyes will refocus on something else, at that point you have to chance to buy something different.

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Shout STOP

You may have noticed I used the word STOP, very powerful word. Next time you talking to someone, say to them “If I could just stop. You there” the person you are talking too there brain will stop, because you told it too and you then have to option of taking them in a completely different kind of conversation You have literally stopped them thinking, and don’t be surprised if they say, what was I talking about.

Have you ever found yourself in mid-conversation and lost your train of thought and the harder you try to get the thought back the further away it goes All you have to do, is say to yourself, the thought will return in 60 seconds and then distract yourself and as if by magic the thought returns 60 seconds later.


Your brain

The brain is very powerful, and can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. Meaning any negative thought you have and we all have them, even me. Trust me with the knowledge I know about mind-body I should be a walking healing temple. Maybe one day.

Your brain will take any thought you have good or bad and see it as a positive no matter how negative your thoughts can be. So be aware of your thinking, whatever you think you will just attract more of the same.

I recommend you notice the negative thought, then simply change it or send you thoughts in another direction. Say 54321 Go away. Your mind is now open to changing direction

If you just move it change your body posture that will help you change your thoughts. If I could ask you to cross your arms, feels comfortable right Now fold them again this time in the opposite way, Feels uncomfortable.

Now keep them in the uncomfortable position and take 3 deep breaths then release your arms and give them a shake. Now return to the uncomfortable position again and notice that it doesn’t feel as bad as when you do it the first time. Just the power of breathing makes your body better.  Amazing and true.

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Three wise monkeys

You know of the 3 wise Monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil and say no evil. Best shown when talking to children They cover their ears if they don’t like what they hear, or there eyes if they see the sight of blood etc.. and cover their mouths when trying to stop words or lies coming out.

As adults, we tend to not be so childish not in our behaviours If a person doesn’t believe what the are hearing they will scratch their ear as you talk to them.

If they don’t like or believe what is in front of them they will rub their eyebrows and when not telling the truth, they will rub their top lip as they talk to you.  Much science has shown that the person in front of you is not telling the truth, their nose will get slightly bigger and itch, hence why they rub it when talking.

When talking to someone in front of you, as you talk, just look at one of there ears, they will start scratching that one, when that happens to start looking at the other ear, they will swap sides then, then go back to the other ear. Your drive them mad and they won’t know what you’re doing.

In another blog, I will cover cause and effect ( causation) What the right and left side of the body means, what does it mean when my leg hurts. Why do some people just seem to have a lot of accidents and car crashes? Your body is telling you something or your attracting things to you by your thinking. @emotionalhealingbristol #bodylanguage #humanpsychology #humanbehaviour