The wonderful world of colour therapy

I have always enjoyed using colour in my wide range of therapies. I use it to colour scan animals when offering animal healing, I do this 1-2-1 or working with photos that clients send me. Chakra balancing is another way of healing people, I have them lye down on my healing couch and then place the 7 chakra stones down their body.

The colours are Red. Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and White. When I colour scan animals, I don’t see the colours I never have, I just in my mind scan along the body maybe tail to head. At this point I’m looking for a feeling as I scan, for me, this shows up as an energy blockage. I can at that point start looking and feel what is going on with the animal whereabouts on the body the blockage is.

colour therapy

I will be discussing cause and effect (causation) on another blog. Otherwise, I will go through all the colours and come back to the ones that have blockages or just need some attention. Not all colours will have a problem, I could do the same animal of person the following day and the colours would tell me a different story we are always changing.

How it all started with reading colours

I remember when I was working at Wembley stadium of which I still am 8 years later as part of the medical team and responsible for going on the pitch if and when players got injured. We would have some time after training and getting the daily brief for the event. When a nurse I was working with had heard that I did this colour psychic thing as she called it, it was new to me really back then I had to learn to trust my instincts more and become more confident about the information I would get and then pass on to the person in front of me.

The conversation would start like ” what colour am I today Gary” I would look at her and just say the first colour that would enter my mind, I never saw colour or a ready break glow about her. Just a colour would come to mind. Followed by the question I am always asked: ” what does that mean”. I would then just give information that was coming to me about her life, relationships, work etc..

Healing colours

I have never been one for going down the standard route, Red means security, therefore, you feel insecure, not like the tarot cards, most readings are done on the memory of the picture, when I do card readings I leave the cards facing down so can’t and don’t want to read the picture, only after the reading of the card do I then turn the card over and say ” told you so”.

I always encourage people wanting to learn more, just have a go, only then will you become more confident about the information you get. We do have a psychic gift within us all, I have studied a lot of therapeutic intervention, but none on colour reading and psychic skills.

colour therapy, chakra balancing
Colour therapy

A natural gift

I do feel now that I just seem to have s natural gift, which overt he year’s has he me some amazing readings, which have been incredibly scary and made sense to me at the time but to the person listening, made a lot of sense to them. I find also the more I work with energy now the more emotional I become, I sometimes can get really upset feel the persons heartache and pain they have been through.

I just except it as part of the gift and pleased I can help so many animals and people