About me

My journey started in the Theatre business as part of the stage crew at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, this allowed me to work with all the world-famous ballets and operas, my favourite being Swan Lake.

From this, I entered into the retail business in the sports industry and moved a lot around the south of England, while developing my management skills and capabilities. I have always had a passion for the sport and to date have run the London marathon, done many triathlons, completed the Royal Life Saving up to the silver award which includes sea rescue, which was handy when I had to save my mum and dad from drowning.

When I worked and trained at the central London YMCA as a personal trainer and became a positive health instructor working with clients that had HIV and AIDS, this I did for 1 ½ year.

The sports knowledge I gained from working at the YMCA, attracted top athletes to me, I helped coached them in sports science and helped build their confidence for the big day of their performances.

I was responsible for getting female athletes to win British and European gold medals.

As my management career developed and the business I worked for grew, I studied for my CIPD and did a psychology degree as I found people very interesting and learnt more about human behaviour.

About 12 years ago, while having dinner for a good friend called Kerry, she suggested that I should do public talks and workshops starting at ISIS crystals in St. Albans, this at the time scared me to death the idea of doing public speaking. My first talk at ISIS crystals was on body language based on the work of Desmond Morris, these talks always had to be repeated as I could only get 60 people in at a time.

My confidence grew as I offered more subjects to my teachings and workshops, at one session at the end of it an HR manager approached me and asked if I could teach the Central London Personnel Group, this was the best HR management in the west end of London, and would I mind running it at the famous Harrods store in their training department across the road from the great store.

This developed into doing more work in the corporate world including teaching the staff of Harrods in NLP and Emotional Intelligence and coaching at Elstree film studios. My interest in the human mind and body has always been of great interest and how I can move people forward in their lives.

My therapeutic journey started with Clinical Hypnotherapy and at the time I was interested in the works of Paul McKenna and hypnosis, I am still very involved with hypnotherapy and have since I started been linked with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) and now with The University of West London and see students who are completing their master’s degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I trained with Dr John Grinder the co-founder of NLP, having worked alongside Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler in the early days, I then went on to complete the NLP Trainers Trainer course offering certified training for small groups and businesses.

In 2006, I researched healing the body and how I could improve peoples eyesight naturally, I found that there are very few books on the subject around the world and if you talk to the local opticians, they will quickly dismiss the idea of natural healing and that a few eye exercises can improve your eyesight, through the research and the workshops I attended I have since produced workshops on this interesting subject and manuals and CD’s.

In 2008 I developed Naturally Feminine, this was a programme for reshaping ladies bodies through the power of the mind and incorporating breast augmentation, at the time I worked and recruited 10 ladies from all different backgrounds, ages and professions.

The programme worked very well and what I learnt along the way was the confidence issues, poor self-esteem the beliefs that women wouldn’t grow anymore at school and the bullying that went on also was very shocking and surprising.

I have found over the years that the power of the mind is incredibly powerful, which is why the Gastric Band programme works so well with weight loss, with breast augmentation the ladies can go in for an operation and science has proven that because the surgeon doesn’t talk to the hypothalamus so when they have a reduction in their breast the body can grow back as the blueprint of the mind hasn’t been changed.

I am currently working on repackaging the Naturally Feminine programme again as the cosmetic industry nowadays is a multi-million-pound industry and as we are very aware of the unsafe procedures and problems that have been highlighted in the media.

My parents always had cats, dogs, ducks and rabbits. Over the years of healing people and now been linked with the staff at The Royal Vets College, I have had the opportunity to work with many horses and their owners and have always insisted that the owners join me in the box as from my experience the animal problems have generally come from their owners’ transference.

Currently volunteering with RDA. Helping children with disabilities ride horses in Hemel Hempstead in 2020.

Throughout my career, I have always felt it important to keep my First Aid training up to date and in the last 6 years, I have been very blessed and privileged to be on the pitch at Wembley Stadium and now often seen on TV getting an injured player off the pitch. When I’m down the tunnel with the players or sitting on the side of the pitch I never forget how blessed I am and how I enjoy working with a great medical team.

My medical training has continued and I’m currently involved in St Johns Ambulance Service, teaching the under 18’s, I am a Community First Responder for East of England Ambulance Service.

My management career has taken me to the National Probation Service in 2 counties and given me at times a caseload of over 70 offenders, including working with many sex offenders. This experience has put me in a very unique position of offering specialist help and support for hundreds of ladies and a few men that have been sexually abused and raped having also worked with 2 police forces for 4 years. This specialist work is based on my Probation work, the police work and 15 years as a Wellbeing Consultant.

The fluffy side to my therapy work has developed my skills in Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing, Spiritualism and more recently I have started doing more Angel card Psychic readings.

My passion for the human mind and body is ongoing and with friends like Dr David Hamilton and his work in Quantum Healing and my interest in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

July 2017  – Offering my Counselling services to the Grenfell Tower Block London Fire Bridge – Also, now in talks with State of Mind Sports UK about helping people with Mental Health issues.

I have worked at with Spurs and the England team at Wembley Stadium and continue as a Medic in 2021

(2018). Along with ongoing normal events and Ed Sheeran / Taylor Swift / Capital Summerball Rugby, NFL, Boxing and England games.

(June 2019) He is also a published author of now 6 books on Amazon and still a Pitch Medic for Wembley stadium. Football, Rugby, NFA and all the concerts – Spice Girls – BTS – Fleetwood Mac – Pink etc.. Summer  2019.

Bring on #2021 European finals 

Other highlights:-

Training for The Gladiators TV show.

Helping a therapy client called Jessica to walk when she had no legs.

Doing talks and workshops in America.

Going on the pitch at Wembley to help a Chelsea player and thinking how green the grass was.

Loving my volunteer work at the Watford Colosseum since 2012.

Meeting the likes of David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Brian May, Adele, Rob Gilbert and Zinedine Zidane.

Working at the 2012 Olympics, Rugby World Cup 2015, Champions League 2017

Being in front of the world press at the Champions League Final at Wembley 2013

Going into the woods as a police officer looking for a gunman who had apparently fired a shot and we didn’t have any guns.

2019 – Now released 3 books on Amazon and Kindle – The Winning Mindset for Weight Loss / My Silence is Broken – Helping Survivors of sexual abuse and rape / How to give a presentation and love your audience. Currently (2020) writing my fourth book about Healing Animals.

These books are available at the world famous bookstore in Covent Garden Central London – Watkins Bookstore.

Qualified to Level 3 in Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage – Fully insured and with current and ongoing Enhanced online DBS checked March 2020