Past Life Regression using Clinical Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool which takes clients back in their mind to have an experience of an event or different events in their past. On the journey back into the Past Life, they can begin to understand and let go of emotions that have had an effect on their current present-day life. Past Life Regression is always so interesting to where people go back through the mists of time, and how they can so have a very powerful effect on the clients current situation.

I am often asked is Hypnotherapy safe and what happens if I get stuck in a past life. As a very qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist for 18 years, it is very safe. In my experience, none of my clients has got stuck or been unable to return to the current present day.


Past Life Regression is not for everyone if you are curious about going on a safe journey, or just want to experience it, to see what happens, then it will work out well for you. People sometimes say, “it’s just dreaming” or “you read that story in a book somewhere”. Once you have had an amazing experience, then you can decide. If you believe it’s silly and won’t work, then you are right. It’s not for everyone.

Within each of us there are so many memories and former lifetimes, that we have forgotten about, or until a trigger is set off, then the memory shoots forward. Just as a child’s earliest experiences can have such an impact on our adult life, which in turn affect our present choices and decisions. I will always be with you the whole journey that you take into a Past Life, I will not guide you forward, I will just let you find your own amazing experience. If I was to lead you, for me that would be seen as cheating, as I would be telling you what to see and feel and then you would just be going on my journey.

When recalling a Past Life and exploring the event back in your history, it can help you to:
  • Control or eliminate guilt, pain and anxiety
  • Reveal the karmic causes of physical illness
  • Enjoy increased self-knowledge
  • Discover a greater understanding of your current daily life
  • Remove the negative aspects of the past that have held you back
  • Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression involves using Clinical Hypnosis and going back to former lives. It can bring amazing healing and allow you to gain a far greater understanding of issues going on in a client’s life. The causes of a wide range of stress-related and emotional problems, as well as many limited behaviours which can be traced back not only to this life but also going back through the mists of time to events and traumas which have occurred in Past Lives.

These Are Included:
  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical illness
  • Weight problems
  • Lack of confidence
  • Performance anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Relationship problems
 A Typical Session Involves:

A Past Life Regression is completely safe and supported throughout by myself. A session can last up to an hour and a half. We will be using Clinical Hypnotherapy, at any time throughout the journey, If you felt unsafe or simply didn’t like what you were experiencing, I would simply move you forward in time or you always have to choose to just open your eyes and wake up, back in the present time and day.

A session is 1 hour £60

Hypnosis is now used within the NHS, Dentistry, Sports performance, Corporations and works well with children.

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