Readings with Angels

Intuitive Readings – Are you seeking answers to questions?

  • Emotional issues
  • Health issues
  • Financial issues
  • Romance and relationship issues
  • Life’s purpose
  • Career guidance

The angels

The angels can help you by guiding you and as a result, help you clear blocks and imbalances to these areas of your life. These readings are loving, in-depth and insightful. It is astounding how accurate the readings are.

Enlighten your life

They will enlighten your questions and your life! The Angels are waiting for you, to have a card reading. They will not usually intervene in your life unless you request their assistance.

Spiritual readings

It’s best to keep an open mind with spiritual readings. Gary is very intuitive and works in his own special way, which will be the best for you. Messages cannot be forced. It is very wrong when readers lead the client to make the reader look good.

Angel Card readings £35 – 50 Mins